Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria, Vitória



Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria, Vitó |

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Sagrado Coração de Maria School – VITÓRIA

Headmaster: REGINA COELI

The Sagrado Coração de Maria College – Victoria has more than seven decades of existence focused on educating with excellence for life. The first steps taken, in 1944, today, translate into the commitment to the defense of life and academic excellence. Over the years, the institution has sought to evolve its pedagogical proposals, providing an improved intellectual education, preparing its students for Higher Education and training them for citizenship. 11 years ago, Regina Coeli Faustini Baglioli is the general director of the college.

Today, after 72 years, the college continues to occupy a prominent place in the educational scenario of the State of Espírito Santo, collaborating in the formation of leaderships in several sectors of society. It has an area of ​​12,409m² with the privileged and exclusive access of the educational community to the ecological trail and the beach, which favors the interaction of all with the environment.

The unit’s building has four floors in all, with a large space with air-conditioned classrooms, multimedia room for events and interactive classes, art rooms to explore creativity and imagination,

Science labs that favor scientific and technological research, computer science lab with interactive screens and internet, library with reading rooms and a diverse collection of academic support, indoor gymnasium and sports courts, cultural space with auditorium and cafeteria.

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