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Sagrado Coração de Maria School – UBÁ

Headmaster: JANE SANTOS

The Sagrado Coração de Maria School in the city of Ubá was the first to be installed in Brazil on June 23, 1911, through the action of a group of sisters from the Religious Institute of the Sagrado Coração de Maria (IRSCM) Of Portugal and led by the Sisters Maria de Aquino, Santa Fe and Maria de Assis.

Currently, the college attends about 700 students from kindergarten through high school, in addition to offering the pre-college and technical courses in the environment, which is philanthropic. The unit is among the 200 best in the country in the National Examination of Secondary Education (ENEM), according to the ranking of the Ministry of Education (2015). In this same selection, also is considered the best college in the city of Ubá, being 29th placed in the State of Minas Gerais.

Jane Santos Rosignoli is the current headmistress of the school, who values ​​the search for even better results, as well as the maintenance of human formation through groups of young people like FORMIGA – Forming a Missionary Network with Gailhac – and VAGALUME – See, Act With Gailhac, Fighting, Change, Hope. Both develop voluntary work with philanthropic institutions and socially vulnerable families.

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