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Sagrado Coração de Maria School – RIO DE JANEIRO

Headmaster: AMARO FRANÇA

The Sagrado Coração de Maria School of Rio de Janeiro has 105 years of history. On June 23, 1911, the unit was the first to host the religious of the Institute of Religious of the Sagrado Coração de Maria (IRSCM) in Brazilian lands next to the city of Ubá, in Minas Gerais state.

The first religious’ house in Rio de Janeiro was located in Vila Isabel neighborhood. Subsequently, the group was based in the district of Leme. And in 1916, with the acquisition of the Oceânico Hotel in Copacabana, the school settled where it is until the present day.

The headmaster is Amaro França and offers an education of excellence committed to social transformation and founded on the Christian values ​​of Early Childhood Education. Recently, the physical space of Early Childhood Education was entirely rethought and restructured. The environments started to offer greater possibility of movement and interaction between the children. The new space aims to encourage new learning, as well as the development of students’ autonomy and identity. It is a private building of the segment, with 1,500 m², divided into three floors, adapted infrastructure and furniture that is physically fit for children’s age groups.

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