Colégio de Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Oporto



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Colégio de Nossa Senhora do Rosário has its originsin 1872 with the passage of Miss Hennessey’s English Academy to the property of the Religious of the Sacred Heart or Mary. It began by being called the English College of the Sacred Heart of Mary. It had an interruption of the activity in 1910 – forced by the implantation of the Republic and the expulsion of the religious orders of Portugal. In 1926 it reopened with its current name. It has 1580 students and more than 200 employees. All levels of education are taught, from pre-school (3 year-olds) to the twelfth year (18 yearolds).
It assumes as Educational Commitment to provide all its students an academic learning of excellence coupled with an integral formation that allows the construction of true life projects. This is achieved by several opportunities of development that everyone has access to in the different areas: scientific, artistic, technological, physical, personal, interpersonal relationships, spiritual, global awareness, respect for the integrity of creation, service to others, appreciation of knowledge and culture. As an educational community, the school encourages a culture of innovation, proximity, participation and co-responsibility of all its members in the implementation of its Educational Commitment.

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