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Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Maria, (Sacred Heart of Mary School), located in Lisbon, was founded in October of 1941 and belongs to the Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (IRSCM) in Portugal.

It is located on Manuel da Maia Avenue, near D.Afonso Henriques Lane. It belongs to the parish of S.Jorge de Arroios in the centre of Lisbon. The school campus has two main buildings, and it also has facilities for sports, as well as labs, auditoriums and multimedia rooms, specific facilities for arts, technology, and other services, and the necessary equipment for an innovative pedagogical practice.

Teaching starts at the age of 3 until 18. In total, we have 1,492 students of both sexes, distributed among 58 classes, averaging 25 students by class. The teaching staff is made up of 125 teachers, the majority female, who are distributed throughout the various levels.

The school offers its students the national curriculum, enriched with artistic, cultural, and athletic activities and many other contributions for a true integral formation. In addition, activities in the fields of evangelization, social action, and respect for the planet are especially important.

Since September 2016, our school has been awarded the Environmental, Quality, and Safety Certification by TUVRheinland, according to the norms OHSAS 8001:2007, NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and NP EN ISO 14001:2012, respectively.

Educational Goals:

  • Excellence in teaching.
  • Evangelization in the context of social intervention.
  • Formation of the educational community

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