Marymount girls are a force for good.

We don’t just talk about ethical leadership at Marymount—we put our words into action. Through service projects and self-reflection, our girls discover what it takes to tackle tough social problems and work for peace and justice. In the process they are changed, imbued with a sense that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Marymount is not about being the best in the world—it’s about being the best for the world. Service is part of our mission, our curriculum, our campus, and the way we live our lives every day.

Our Campus Ministry Team regularly organizes community service opportunities that are open to all students. In addition, each grade undertakes a significant service-learning project throughout their time hear, progressively building their understanding of their impact in the world both locally and abroad.

Beginning in Grade 9, Marymount girls work together to support families involved with a community-based organization in South Central, CA, A Place Called Home, which helps kids stay in school, progress to college and beyond, pursue successful careers, and develop into active, contributing citizens and leaders.

Once a student is in Grade 10, she works with staff at A Place Called Home to plan and implement their spring health and garden fair, where Marymount girls partake in the event day of in addition to planning.

As Juniors, students select a service organization, learning about their programs, and gaining an understanding of their mission and how they live it, putting in service hours at that organization, and then presenting their experience at our annual Kingdom Fair in the winter.

As Seniors, students continue their work with projects that focus on human rights, with a special attention on women and children throughout the world.

The focus in each grade builds a comprehensive program that takes a student through different levels of service, starting with a focus on the individual and the family in grade 9, coordinating a program-wide event in grade 10, gaining an understanding of how a service organization works in grade 11, and culminating in a focus on global human rights in grade 12.