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The Sacred Heart of Mary School, located in Fátima 

Sacred Heart of Mary School, located in Fátima, is a Catholic school owned by the Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Portugal. It is a non-profit institution which provides regular middle school education. Currently, there are 500 students, 34 teachers, and 23 staff members.

The school receives government funds because there are not enough public schools in Fátima. In this city, most of the population works in the hotel trade, commerce, the building trade, catering, and general services. The educational community tends to be stable. The teachers are permanent and certified. They have developed their careers in our school for over twenty years. Some of them are alumni.

Most of our students stay in the school for 5 years, that is from 10 to 15 years old. Based on this fact, we can surely say that, for our families, this school is like a second home with a family environment where we all know each other quite well.

The principles of our school are:

– Jesus Christ and the evangelical mission as the centre of life;

– Personal growth (physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and moral development);

– Education for social justice;

– Ethical integration in the global society;

– Building evangelical fraternity through communion;

– A high standard of education.

The city of Fátima is located in the centre of Portugal. It’s a well-known city worldwide, and couldn’t be more global with approximately five million pilgrims per year.

Other Information – The contact people in our school will be:

  • Serafim Costa – Head of School
  • Sandra Venâncio – a member of the administrative team

Bruno Agostinho – in charge of computer networking

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