Social Service at Marymount Cuernavaca

“The goal of our social service program is to plant a seed in the hearts of our students so that they learn to give to those less fortunate reflecting the message of Jesus.”

Renée Marson de Vences
Social Service Coordinator


30 required hours per student each school year
20 different institutions as options
Journal of service experiences
Service counts as 25% of Spiritual Formation grade
9,000 hours given annually by the 200+ high school students

Personal hygiene products drive for the children of migrant farm workers.

Seventh Graders Social Service Activity:
Visit a local center for babies and children with Down Syndrome.

Eighth Graders Social Service Activity:
Organization of a Christmas Carnival for 100 underprivileged children on the school grounds.

Ninth graders Social Service Activity:
Organization of a sports friendship tournament for students from a low income junior high school.

Christmas food drive for 75 families.
Clothing drive for the General Hospital Resale Shop.
Various bake sales which raise money for several needy institutions.
Friendship baskets for the school’s maintenance and cleaning staff for Valentine’s Day.

Personal hygiene products drive for the children of migrant farm workers.
Books and school supplies drive for disadvantaged children.
Christmas party for low income residents at a local rest home.
Participation in a children’s day festival for disadvantaged children.

“I think the social service is one of the most important parts of the formation we get in Marymount.”
Tallis Santesteban

“I conclude my social service projects with a smile on my face and in my heart.”
Talia Carrillo

“I’ve learned to be thankful, to be fearless. I’ve learned that God is in everything and everyone and you are closer to Him when you help others. Social Service makes you contact your inner being and sharing your time with others brings you closer to happiness.”
Jennifer Hegewisch

“You may not remember the exact formula you learned at math class, but your will never forget how your heart grew and keeps on growing when you share your life with others.”
Pilar Perez

“My life has truly been influenced by social service these past three years. I never dreamed that a school requirement would become such an important part of my life. I am glad to have let my heart get so deeply involved and I treasure all the memories that these years have left me.”
Renata Sotomayor

“Social Service has become part of my life.”
Daniela Aranedas

“I think that social service at Marymount is a great adventure in which students can see how the real world is.”
Stefano Bochicchio
“Every time I help I try to do my best so that what I do really means something (to the kids) and I really make a difference. We have to make the difference to make this world better and helping others is a great way to do it.”
Anil Kumar

“I consider the social service projects as excellent for everyone since we strengthen our values and live new enriching experiences that will be in our hearts forever.”
Paulette Seoane

“The Social Service project has taught me that no matter how much money you have, you will always need a hand to help you get through the hard times. But also you will find that hand when you give it to someone else, because helping others is the real way to help yourself.”
Marifer Priego 

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