Marymount Cuernavaca

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Marymount Cuernavaca was founded by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in 1957 as a primary school for boys and girls. During the 60’s, the sisters decided to focus their efforts on teaching young ladies in junior high school and high school and opened a boarding school, which operated until 1987. In 1993 young men were admitted to Marymount and have since become an integral part of the Marymount community.

In 2009, Marymount Cuernavaca opened a second campus for children in nursery school, kindergarten and primary school.

Marymount is a non-profit Catholic educational community which provides bilingual and bicultural instruction. The academic program places importance on both English and Spanish at all levels. Beginning in seventh grade, all students are required to study French as a third language.

Marymount is characterized by its spirit of community and innovation, the result of nearly 60 years of tradition and dedication to the education of young people. Our bicultural curriculum prepares students for their entry into the communications-oriented world of the 21st century. Marymount’s program is designed to provide a healthy balance of academic, aesthetic, athletic, technological, social and spiritual opportunities for everyone. Marymount continually strives to build an integral curricular program with interdisciplinary projects which enhance a connected view of learning rather than a fragmented approach.

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