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Colégio Sagrado Coraçāo de Maria, Belo |

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Sagrado Coração de Maria School – BELO HORIZONTE

Headmaster: Fernando Monteiro de Barros

In 1927, Sister Baptist Holohan, a member of the General Government of the Institute of Religious Sisters of Sagrado Coração de Maria (IRSCM), went to Brazil to visit the schools founded in Ubá, interior of Minas Gerais State (MG), and Rio Janeiro (RJ). On that date, the nun was urged to also found a school in Belo Horizonte, the capital of MG. Thus, on January 21, 1928, Sagrado Coração de Maria School was founded in Belo Horizonte during the celebration of a Mass. At that time, the school was operating at its provisional address, at Timbiras Street, 1491. But in 1930, the unit was definitively transferred to a building located at Professor Estêvão Pinto Street, 400, in the Serra district, where, it works.

Currently, the school has a differentiated infrastructure, which has been registered since 1992 by the Heritage Council of Belo Horizonte, which makes it a testimony of its time and an important space for the memory of the history of education in the capital of Minas Gerais. In recent years, some spaces of the unit have been revitalized, such as the courtyard and the school park. Both designed by combining tradition and modernity.

Since its founding, Sagrado Coração de Maria School stands out among the most traditional in Belo Horizonte by providing comprehensive education in basic education – with a focus on academic excellence and human development – for hundreds of children and adolescents in Early Childhood Education To High School, in addition to Youth and Adult Education. The current headmaster is Professor Fernando França Monteiro de Barros.

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